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Gary Barnett's Vision Is Shaping New York City's Billionaires Row

From One57 to Central Park Tower, Barnett's Approach to Development is Reshaping Luxury Living in Manhattan

developer Gary Barnett with a microphone in his hands

Gary Barnett is one of the most prominent developers in New York City, and his influence on Billionaires Row in Manhattan cannot be overstated. Barnett is the founder and president of Extell Development Company, a real estate firm that has built some of the most iconic buildings in the city, including One57 and Central Park Tower.

Barnett's Impact on Billionaires Row Barnett's influence on Billionaires Row can be seen in the numerous luxury residential towers that he has built in the area. One of his most notable projects is One57, a 75-story tower that was completed in 2014. At the time, One57 was one of the tallest and most expensive residential buildings in the world, with units selling for as much as $100 million.

part of the central park tower

Another one of Barnett's iconic projects is a 95-story tower that was completed in 2020. The building, which is currently the tallest residential building in the world, features some of the most luxurious amenities and finishes available, including a private club, a pool, and a fitness center.

Barnett's Approach to Development Barnett's approach to development is unique in that he is known for his attention to detail and his willingness to take on complex and challenging projects. He is also known for his ability to bring together some of the world's most talented architects, engineers, and designers to create truly exceptional buildings.

However, Barnett's success has not come without controversy. Some have criticized his approach to development, saying that it has contributed to the gentrification of the city and the displacement of working-class residents. Others have raised concerns about the impact that these large, luxury buildings have on the city's infrastructure and environment.

Looking to the Future Despite these controversies, it is clear that Barnett's influence on Billionaires Row and New York City as a whole will continue to be felt for years to come. Barnett and his team at Extell Development are currently working on several new projects in the area, including a new tower at 250 East 57th Street.

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