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Iconic CBS Broadcast Center Hits the Market: Network's Move Sparks New Era in Manhattan

front view of the CBS Broadcast Center

Developers, start salivating...CBS Entertainment has officially announced the sale of its longstanding CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in Manhattan. The network, now part of Paramount Global following its merger with Viacom, plans to relocate to newer facilities in Manhattan. The move marks the end of an era for CBS and opens up opportunities for potential buyers and a new broadcast home for the network.

CBS Entertainment, a division of Paramount Global formed after the CBS-Viacom merger in 2019, has confirmed its decision to sell the CBS Broadcast Center, a significant television production complex located on West 57th Street in Manhattan. The iconic broadcast facility has been CBS's home since the 1950s but is now being put on the market as the network sets its sights on a new location in Manhattan.

According to sources, CBS intends to release a request for proposals (RFP) to solicit offers for the sale of its expansive 600,000 square-foot broadcast center on West 57th Street. Simultaneously, the network seeks to secure a new broadcast home in Manhattan. Ideally, CBS is looking for a single landlord who can acquire the current enclave and also provide additional space for lease or sale to accommodate the network's production needs.

exterior view of the CBS Broadcast Center

Although CBS may require less space than its current facility due to the relocation of several entertainment shows, the move signifies a significant transition for the network and marks the end of an era on the far West Side of Manhattan. Notably, CBS has previously considered selling the broadcast center multiple times, both before and after its merger with Viacom.

As CBS embarks on this new chapter, the sale of the CBS Broadcast Center presents an opportunity for interested buyers to acquire a landmark television production complex, while CBS seeks a modernized facility to cater to its evolving needs. The network's move to a new broadcast home in Manhattan will undoubtedly shape its future and the landscape of the entertainment industry in the city.


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