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New Heights for Calvary Baptist Church: A Tower of Hope Emerges on Billionaires’ Row

Front view of the Boutique Tower

It's a story that reads like a divine gift unfolding on the illustrious Billionaires' Row, “The dazzling new church-and-office tower is rising to prominence”. This exceptional "boutique" tower, located at 125 W 57th St., is reaching new heights at a staggering 440 feet, encompassing 26 stories, a feat that seemed nearly impossible after grappling with some nightmarish setbacks.

staged living and dining room in the boutique tower

Dubbed as one of the city's most unique mixed-use projects, the brainchild of Ken Horn and Brian Ray's Alchemy-ABR Investment Partners, in collaboration with financial partner Cain International, required nothing short of a miracle when its construction lender withdrew support in March 2020, coinciding with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzed the city.

Nestled midway between the towering residential giants, Central Park Tower and 111 W 57th St., on the northern blockfront between Sixth and Seventh avenues, the lower levels of this tower are destined to become the spacious new home for Calvary Baptist Church. This historic property, including the venerable Salisbury Hotel, was in the church's possession for nearly a century. Designed by the visionary architects of Dan Kaplan's team at FX Collaborative, this tower, set to be completed late next year, will boast seventeen state-of-the-art office floors, along with a dedicated amenity floor spanning a generous 180,000 square feet. Meanwhile, the church beneath it will relish a new lease on life, offering expanded space for its congregation and a community center. The entire building will encompass a remarkable 260,000 square feet.


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