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Rupert Murdoch Wins Bidding War for $35 Million Central Park South Penthouse

Media Mogul's Latest Real Estate Purchase Shows Continued Interest in US Market and Media Industry. Rupert Murdoch wins Bidding War on Central Park South.

illustration of millionaire Rupert Murdoch

On May 3rd, 2023, media magnate Rupert Murdoch made headlines with the purchase of a $35 million co-op apartment at 150 Central Park South in New York City. He was the winning bidder in a bidding war and paid almost 20% above the asking price in order to secure the property.

Murdoch is no stranger to high-profile real estate purchases. In 2014, he famously bought the Moraga Vineyards Estate in Bel Air for $29.5 million, and he has owned properties in Australia, London, and the United States.

Some have speculated that the purchase of the penthouse is an indication of Murdoch's continued interest in the United States and the media industry, despite selling his media empire to Disney in 2021. He has remained active in the industry, particularly through his investments in streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Others believe that the purchase is a smart financial move, given the prime location of the building and its impressive amenities. Whether the penthouse is intended as a pied-à-terre or purely as a savvy investment, there is little doubt that it will hold its value and potentially appreciate over time.

What is clear is that Murdoch is a savvy businessman with a keen eye for a good investment. It remains to be seen whether this latest purchase is part of a larger trend or simply a one-off investment. Nonetheless, Murdoch's continued presence in the business world ensures that he will continue to make headlines for years to come.

Front view of the building 150 Central Park South
150 Central Park South

150 Central Park South has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Originally built in 1929 as the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, the 23-story Art Deco building was designed by the renowned architect Lawrence Emmons.

The hotel quickly became a hotspot for celebrities and socialites, with famous guests including Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Joan Crawford.

In the 1960s, the Barbizon Plaza Hotel was converted into a luxury co-op building, and in 1981 it underwent a major renovation that included the addition of several floors. Today, 150 Central Park South is considered one of New York City's premier addresses, with residents enjoying breathtaking views of Central Park and access to some of the city's most impressive amenities. The building has been home to many notable residents over the years, including actress Diane Keaton and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


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