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Snøhetta Unveils Innovative Architectural Design for 50 West 66th Street

Contemporary Interpretation, Seamless Integration, and Breathtaking Views Elevate New Tower's Impact on New York City's Iconic Skyline

Illustration of the new design for 50 West 66th Street

Snøhetta is at the forefront of the architectural design for the new residences located at 50 West 66th Street, situated in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood, the design showcases a contemporary interpretation of its base, body, and crown. By embracing a human-scale aesthetic at street level, the structure not only expands upon the rich history of tower design in New York City but also seamlessly integrates with its vibrant surroundings. Positioned at the heart of the cultural core, with Lincoln Center to the west and Central Park to the east, the building harmoniously joins the neighborhood, paying homage to the area's architectural character through the use of refined materials in a natural color palette.

At street level, the building's podium is elegantly adorned with hand-set and textured limestone, accompanied by bronze and glass storefronts, which blend harmoniously with the warm materials employed by neighboring structures. The north side residential entrance is covered in burnished bronze and limestone, offering a welcoming façade to the street, while a similar design treatment distinguishes the entrance to a synagogue on 65th street. By stepping back on the second floor, the building creates an inviting atmosphere along the sidewalk, contributing to the neighborhood's overall character. The design concept is realized through skillful sculptural excavations, reminiscent of the chiseled stone that characterizes Manhattan's geological heritage. As the building ascends, its mass is cleverly carved away, dividing the tower volume into two sections. The chamfered corners refine its silhouette and provide a shared amenity terrace on the 16th floor.

Beyond the 16th floor terrace, the design transitions into a more slender profile as it continues its ascent into the sky. The building's opposing corners are artfully sliced away, resulting in balconies that offer sweeping city views. These loggias span the entire length of the upper volume, visually connecting the body of the building to its lustrous and sculpted crown. The angled facets of the architecture evoke the chiseled vocabulary, showcasing the same radiant bronze featured at the building's base. Ultimately, 50 West 66th Street will shine as a warm lantern, adding a new companion to the iconic New York City skyline.

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